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In 1947, John Hughes bought a coal round from his fellow villager and friend, Cadwaladr Hughes. The business delivered coal to homes in the local villages of Carmel, Fron, Groeslon and Rhosgadfan.

John Hughes fitted his deliveries in between his other work, haulage, carrying sand and gravel from local quarries, and supplying tipping wagons for hire to the County Council. He also did Ambulance Control work, carrying outpatients to and from hospitals and clinics. He also owned, and rented, a few acres of land, where he kept cattle. His son, Arwyn, joined him after leaving school, concentrating mostly on the haulage side of the business.

John Hughes retired in 1976 and Arwyn continued to run the business with his wife Nesta, until their son joined them in 1984, looking after the coal side of the business.

Rising costs of running a haulage company and low rates from the quarries led to the partners dispersing of the haulage side of the business in the early 1990’s and concentrating solely on the coal.

In general, there continued to be a decline in coal sales and usage, but because of competitors retiring, business acquisitions and hard work, ‘John Hughes a’i Fab Cyf.’ continued to grow and became the largest stockist and leading coal selling business in Gwynedd.

Today we serve a wide area, delivering coal, gas, and logs to all of Gwynedd and Anglesey. We provide an excellent service, stocking a range of products which suit all appliances and budgets.

Reliable coal merchants and LPG suppliers based in Carmel, near Caernarfon.
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